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Dark Moon, 23 October, 2014

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Dark Moon, 23 October, 2014

By Katharina Bless


Life is a process of evolution and an adventure!



The present Dark Moon is in Virgo in exact conjunction with Venus and retrograde Mercury on the North Node. Since Virgo has a lot to do with harvest, analyzing and healing, it is a very interesting constellation looking at retrogreade Mercury.


The fact, that from the triple conjunction there is a one and a half square to  Chiron is confirming the healing topic, which is connected to much more than the individual person. Mercury also has a one-and-a-half square connection to Neptune and both, Neptune and Chiron also are retrograde. This is very significant and let us look at this aspect first:


135˚One-and-a-half Square is the so called “Karmic mistake aspect”. It shows us the karmic mistakes and failures. Since we have not finished our lessons (otherwise we would not be here!!) we have to work on our old mistakes (miss to take) which means we are confronted again with the lessons not understood and the skills we have not learned or refined yet.

At a young age we often experience a lack of confidence brought forward from past lives, still active and often resulting in failure. People tend to avoid these topics and say that they can’t do this or that, but the lesson comes back again and again until we have the courage to face it and resolve it. We can say that these 135˚ force us to re-live things until we can resolve them and understand what they are about and integrate the topic redeemed into our lives.

The Aspect of the Dark Moon conjunction with Venus is about love. In this harvest position we might have a look at this topic in our lives. How much is our life about love? Here in Virgo, Venus also asks us to have a look at the topic of integrity and how much we are of service to the human race. What have we “grown” and what do we find in this harvest? The present world and personal situation will gives some insights to work with.

Have we managed to appreciate who we are and are we clear about our personal skills which we can bring to the whole? The karma aspect to Chiron shows, that we might not have yet found our personal service, maybe because we don’t have enough self esteem or trust into our intuition? Do we follow the notion from within or are we a product shaped by the world around us? It is not easy in such a noisy world to find the inner voice of our Self when we are bombarded with slogans and brainwash about how the world should be.

Mercury, representing the human personality is connected with a 135˚ to Neptune. This shows confusion and people are not sure anymore who they are, what to believe because the deceptive images of glamor of the official media create the matrix of our lives in a artificial world where kids don’t even know anymore that milk is really from the cow! They think that the cow on the package is only a cartoon… like the many others on all kind of food to divert our attention to the cute cartoons and deceive us to buy it. The connection to nature is lost for many, especially for people living in a big city. Even vegetables are grown in very artificial ways… what will be the long term effects on our bodies? Nobody knows!

Do you really know who you are? Are you identified with your mind or emotional bodies? “I think (feel), therefore I am”? What is it really what we are? How much is the ego-personality is caught up in a matrix, manipulated, programmed and controlled? Are even our thoughts still “free”? Many questions to look at with the Mercury retrograde and a good time to clear some internal things.

It is maybe the time to look into the food habits we have, Virgo is connected with food and health. Maybe time for a check up to analyze our body’s health? Maybe look at the health situation a bit more closely, beyond just physical check up? What is really good for us?

There is also a saying that we are what we  believe. This is true to a certain degree and what we believe is very important and shapes us. I just had a discussion about it with a friend. How much do we influence the health with our belief and how much damage is really done with for example GMO food etc? There are tales that tell us that some really powerful men have taken poison and it did not kill them because their belief was so strong, that nothing could happen to them. But looking at humanity today, where are the heroes? Most people are weak and manipulated into beliefs which shape their life according to a pattern of control and belief.

She wrote: GMOs will always come with the toxic fertilizer glyphosate, that goes hand in hand with the sale of the seed. Not to mention what it does to our water, and earth, and by products that other animals consume. Like you said, it’s part of the whole plan to weaken and decrease the life span I think. But it seems like the Monsantos are winning this battle now through their deceptive practices and collusion with corrupt governments.”

Most people don’t really care and just buy what is on the shelf. They are too busy or too tired to check it out! There are few, especially in big cities, who bother to read labels and just buy what is on sale (because we need to save money!) what looks good and what the commercials apprise in attractive pictures to be good for us. In addition we are also conditioned to believe that certain food is good for us… is it really? I was living very “healthy” for a long time and got problems… I started to eat some less “healthy” food and feel better. Is it our belief that defines it? How much is the influence of the material food and how much of the belief that things are healthy or not healthy?

Lately, I read a label from a so called “organic shampoo” and it is only a few % organic mint and the rest are the same chemicals ingredients other shampoos have. It seems to me (and many others) that out there, if you turn on TV or look at other mass media, its all deception and pretention of a life that we should have! So what can we do? How can we find our own way in that jungle of confusion and discriminate what is right and what is wrong? How much are we really authentic and awake?

The usual greeting and the “how are you” is answered “fine” even if one feels miserable. And if you say you don’t feel well, people usually react annoyed and either just ignore it or say a few slogan phrases but very seldom you receive real sympathy. Nobody wants to be bothered with bad news.

Every thing around us and all the movies are telling us there should be a “happy end” so we pretend… just buy the right perfume, lipstick, after shave etc. then you will be happy and attract the right partner and things into your life. Despite all that, we know deep inside, in fact there is no happy end, the end of our physical lives is death! Because people don’t deal with this and are at peace with it, they have a lot to cover up, to suppress, therefore to divert from this topic, they drown in shallow entertainment.

This dark moon can bring insights, sudden “flashes” of recognition and inner knowing. The expansion of your boundaries might help us to see deeper and understand better what our ego is, the games we play (and have to play, they are not bad!) can become more conscious and we identify less with the roles and masks. Maybe it’s time to see the journey again and not just the present moment!


Saturn is disconnected from the other planets, so we get a break to look at what we have to balance. The sun and moon will soon move into Libra and then we can actively work on it. Mercury turns direct on the 27th and then is a good time to emerge with a new image! The waxing moon will help to build up and achieve what we have set out to accomplish.


Use this Dark Moon to analyze your present situation, look at the “fruits you harvest” and use the gained experience to build up. New insights can help a lot to be more efficient and effective. Life is a process of evolution and an adventure!



Namaste, Katharina

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