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Full Moon 14 May ’14: Confront conflicts and try to solve it with heart wisdom!

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Full Moon 14 May 2014

Confront conflicts and try to solve it with heart wisdom!


The sun has just entered Taurus and the Moon is still in conjunction with Saturn in Libra. Again, we have an opposition, which can never happen in Western Astrology, the axis would be Taurus/Scorpio. I see this as a great chance for another act of balancing before the moon enters Scorpio, where always some kind of transformation takes place. This will definitely be the next Full Moon!


There is an “orange” triangle attached to the Full Moon opposition, which is a karma topic, which is not necessarily meaning that it is connected to a “past life” situation, as many believe, but generally means that “you harvest the crop from the seeds you sow”! This means that there is a tension and memory which is not from now, but connected to a “time before” mostly forgotten and unconscious. Often the effect of half squares and one-and-a-half squares seem extremely unfair, but this is because we are not aware of the root of this cause.


This is a main problem anyway; most people tend to see only a very short time period, we have a saying that most people can’t see beyond their “nose point” meaning, that they just think about their own needs. What most people don’t understand is the “one –ness” which is totally wrong interpreted from the masses. We are all connected, a good image to comprehend would be the roots of the trees that are all interwoven and share the same soil. But each tree is still individually shaped and some have leaves that fall in the autumn, some are green the whole year round. We all are individual beings, looking different and also having different experiences, but we are “woven” together through “LIFE” which is the essence of our existence!


To serve the controlling lobby, this false “unity” image of “uniformity” is a fantastic help for them! People are discouraged to think for themselves, to have an own opinion and those who do, become outsiders and outcast! The whole “new age circus” is totally under control and working for them to gain more and more power. Most of the ideals that they preach are just a little bit distorted and some practices just a little bit changed! People are told to follow certain meditations, exercises etc. they reach enlightenment.

The negative effect is guaranteed, because every thing is disguised and the new age movement is just a new religion: dogmatic, controlled and worshipping idols!

The true divine is within each person, it’s a spark of life (love/divinity) within that is self sustained and we don’t need any thing from the outside, many masters have told us to look inside. But people are insecure and always ask others for their opinion … this is the new religion of belonging to the group and not being a rebel. But look at the masters that we  look up to: they left home, had to flee, were outsiders, outcast and rebels…! Those who did reach enlightenment didn’t get there because the followed the rules of others!


Since it is in the nature of people to remember, deep inside they have that stirring and longing, that there is “more” that this “cant’ be it all…” and they are right. It is so easy to mislead them with promises, especially in times when they are vulnerable. And humanity is very vulnerable since every one knows, that to a certain degree things go wrong. They know that they have a path to go, but mostly lost direction because they are afraid to walk alone, have and opinion, so they better “walk in other’s shoes”, walk in groups!


These groups can easily hide behind promises of politicians and offer good and loud entertainment and addictions for distraction. It works for the masses as we can see.

The Sun in Taurus is pointing into this direction! We should look at our habits, our live style and make a kind of an honest balance sheet, something like people do in bookkeeping once a year. But even this today is manipulated, another “mirror” for our behavior. Who wants to know the truth??? It is so much easier to stay lured in a illusion and pretend that things are ok.

These 3D street paintings show it so clearly:

But if we look a bit closer, we can find, like a red thread, a certain pattern of behavior and outcomes, positive and negative. If we look back further, a few years or even back to childhood, we often discover repetitions. Sometimes even the ones from our parents. The way out is breaking habits and the easiest way is starting with braking habits is with food. If you are used to eat every morning the same breakfast try something else. Get out or the daily routine!


Once you eat food you have not eaten before you also will have and “appetite” for things that you haven’t done before. What ever your daily routine is, do something that you usually don’t do! This is a start. After this you start to attract different events and things into your life. It might even lead to a chance of a change of your career.


Since Saturn is involve in this triangle, there is no easy way out. You might be confronted with painful feelings, things that you have not looked at and tried to forget about. Things from the past might come to the surface and this is a chance to really get rid of them and burry illusions that we still cling on. One of the big illusions are that we can change others. Many try a whole life time to change their spouse, children, environment etc. and the indication of this is: if you still blame others for your problems, virus for your illness etc. then  you still try to change the world (the outside) instead of changing yourself and watching the world changing because you have changed your perception of it!


Mars retrograde in Virgo makes sure that the inner contents of our hidden potential comes to the surface and the trine to Mercury helps to see and process them. Mercury, connected with a one-and-a-half square with the north node points into the same direction. There is a great opportunity in this chart, to crack up stuck programs (again…) and the Sextile connecting Mercury with the Uranus/Venus conjunction, will make sure that the steps we take have a chance to go into another direction.


Since Venus/Uranus are in Pisces, we don’t see where we are going and have to navigate with the feelings and listen to our heart. Some courageous ones might jump right into “cold water” not knowing where the path lead, but looking at the connection to Jupiter and Pluto ret., we can definitely assume that the steps will lead into a transformation which expands the horizon! Jupiter on the cusp of the blue triangle figure promises a great gift for those who risk something and bring great healing of the emotional body! We definitely need cleaning of all the destructive energies, which interrupt our true evolution!


Since I work more with the protocols of Laura Lee, I can see more and more patterns, resulting from implants and forced agreements, which paralyze the growth process completely. We can compare it with a situation where we have only limited Oxygen and can move very slowly and are constantly tired. Part of this tiredness we create anew every day with false habits of eating processed and refined products, especially sugar! We also find in most processed food chemical and/or artificial additions to preserve the food or enhance the taste. My experience is that when I eat as natural as possible, I feel much better. We make our food from the scratch and have only a few sauces, which we carefully select to make sure that there is not MSG or other ‘pollutants’ added.


Looking at this chart and the situation in the world ~ also in Thailand with the earthquake we just had and the political situation ~ it seems that the cleansing process is under way for the whole planet. Upheavals are daily agenda and nothing can stop them anymore! 

I got an email from a friend asking me where he should move to, because he is afraid that the world war III is breaking out soon. I don’t know where to move and I don’t know if such a war is coming and necessary for this cleansing. What I know is that the process has started and nothing can stop it… what ever way and direction it is heading.


The only thing that I can do as an individual is honor the process and do what ever I can in my personal life and surrounding to support it and not look away but to confront conflicts and try to solve it with heart wisdom.





One comment on “Full Moon 14 May ’14: Confront conflicts and try to solve it with heart wisdom!

  1. Beautiful, thank you. I will reread several times.

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