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December 3, 2013 Dark Moon: Time to nourish things we are passionate about!

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Dark Moon, December 3rd, 2013

 Time to nourish the things we are passionate about!

We just entered the last year of this auspicious year 2013, a year that was for many most challenging and it’s hard to believe that it’s already nearly over.

With the Sun/Moon conjunction in Scorpio, in direct connection with Mars, Chiron, Pluto and Uranus it might bring an eventful month and we can observe here in Thailand, that the political upheavals are not silent anymore.

It looks like some more hidden “pus” wants to come to the surface to be released for the healing of the earth and humanity. The aspect of the quintile to Mars is connected to the cycle of Venus with its 72˚ and asks for the realization of talents that have been suppressed and want to become creative now. Perfectionist tendencies want to destroy the old structures to build now and better ones.

The life style of the last millennia is not fit for the new time to come and revolutionary forces are about to destroy the old and sick structures. Mars has just entered Virgo and will test now what can remain. Uranus in Pisces is still retrograde and will support the research in unknown and hidden realms which are mostly taboo for the mainstream media because they reveal the manipulation, brainwash and what was hidden from humanity.

The square to Chiron shows the resistance and that is still to overcome, but the trine to the Node also shows that humanity is ready for a next step and to leave the lifestyle of force and “the survival of the fittest” behind. The creative forces of each individual want to come to the surface, young kids are born with genuine open creativity and want to express it.

I just had yesterday a most extraordinary experience! I met a friend with his family, they have two little boys, now 5 and 7 years old. A couple years ago, during the flood in Bangkok, they stayed with me in Chiang Rai for 4 weeks. The younger one, Andy, was showing all signs of autism and he could not talk nor close a button and was always hiding. Now I saw him as a very active and open kid, very intelligent and sharp. He showed the symptoms of autism after the triple vaccination MMP and I introduced the family to Thomas subtle TPK treatments (which we offer our center). After the treatment the symptoms are gone, Thomas was able to totally neutralize the poison in the little boy’s body and he is back to what he was in the first year in his life: responsive, alert highly intelligent and lively! Matthew, the now 7 year old boy, had at that time horrible allergies that didn’t let him sleep and they are now gone too.

(you can find more info about this program on my homepage: http://www.somaretreatcenter.com/TPK_Cleansing.html)

Considering that the Sun/Moon conjunction is in Scorpio, we can expect that some emotional intensity and this constellation is always connected with death and rebirth.

To be successful in this time, we need commitment and determination; half hearted projects will not be able to survive this transit. It’s time to recreate our plans, to adjust them or let them go completely. The conjunction is receptive and a good time to let go of old stuff and plant seeds.

In the coming rising moon phase, it is a good time to nourish the things we are passionate about and want to flourish.  Look at the projects that are in your life and balance them carefully, to make sure that this energy is not wasted. To try to energize projects that are not aligned with your life purpose and true interest is wasted and don’t leave you enough for your authentic work.

We have to be aware that we live in polarity and that every thing has a positive and negative side to it. I’m not saying a “good and bad” side, simply “yin and yang” with no judgment. We are the ones who judge according to our upbringing, religion, social rules etc.  All energies that we send out will be coming back to us, bringing the opposite pole along too. Not because this is “good or bad” simply because it’s the law of polarity. Even if people are talking about unity and unity consciousness a lot, the fact is that we live in a polar world, we exist and that is only possible in polarity. Unity is not existing and we can only describe it with negations… Nirvana.

What do you see in this picture? We can only see one “pole” at the time, but there are many things hidden in it, depending how you look at it. So you see the faces or the cup? Or the guitar player and the woman with the sombrero or the ear of the old man or the woman in the doorway?? There are many layers, or many pictures in the picture! They all exist at the same time, but we need to focus on one at the time. Similar as a book, the whole book exists at the same time but we need time to read it. This is the law of polarity!

We  are here for experience and can use this energy and create new things, fuel new ideas with it if we are not fixated on a certain outcome. Have the courage to step into something new and not repeat endlessly old mistakes. Every thing has a cycle and nothing can grow forever! Therefore, it is a good time to let go of the things that are completed and only routine without the challenge of learning something more. They might just keep us in a vicious cycle and waste our energy away. We are moving into a new paradigm and things will change! No tree grows for ever and no society or social order either. So let’s courageously walk forward and not look back or ask for the old times to come back, they won’t.

Have a critical look at the present moment and be totally honest with yourself by judging what it is what you would like to keep in your life and what not. You might not know what exactly it is what you want, but as long as you are kept in the loop with things that you don’t want anymore, you might not be able to see it.

If we can say that this is a time of revolution, it’s the revolution within and without. If you are shifting and do the transition within your life, the outside world around you can be smooth and even if there are turbulences around, you won’t be affected by them.

Retrograde Jupiter in Gemini is also hinting in the direction that we have to look at things that are connected with the creation of our lives. In opposition with Venus, he is suggesting that we look through our heart into the realms that are beyond our normal daily perception. Take time for a meditation and connect with heart and dive into the energy of Venus, the spirit of love and the creation, which is born from love.

We can look at this last Dark Moon this year as a call to prepare wisely for the next year, which will probably bring the manifestations of the New for many people. Myself, and many people that I know, are in transition and starting or finishing projects which will “take off” next year!



One comment on “December 3, 2013 Dark Moon: Time to nourish things we are passionate about!

  1. Thank you, thank you- Thank YOU! You ARE one beautiful soul- Loveya, Granny http://www.grannyearth.com


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