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Full Moon: Sep. 19th, 2013

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Full Moon, September 19, 2013

We don’t need to change… ever! 
But we need to make the decision to be authentic! 

By Katharina Bless

This time we have an interesting figure in the chart if you look at the Moon/Sun opposition. It looks like an arrow with the triangle from the sun to Mars and the triple conjunction of Venus/Saturn/Node.  The triangle is made from half squares and these two aspects have a karmic indication. I want to explain this aspect again, because this is a key to understand the present chart.

45˚Half-Square: Karmic shock constellation, fears and phobias that come from other life times

The Half-Square represents a remaining karmic shock, which, in this context has a more global indication; something powerful and traumatic is triggered for many, not just for an individual. In personal charts, people with these aspects often bring a fear and/or phobia into this life that has no obvious reason. A child for example that has never experienced something negative, but is horrified and reacts with great claustrophobia might have an unconscious past life memory of being imprisoned in a narrow cell and mistreated there, extreme fear of water can be an experience of drowning in a past life etc.

This is something that we have to look at again and everybody has some kind of phobia that can be healed now. It was like this topic would call me, and a movie that Tania bought, but was on counter for many weeks,  of the time quality, I have watched the musical “Les miserable” yesterday and the setting around the time of the French revolution with all the misery of a city life in this time was deeply touching.

People had no chance to escape, their anger and desperation was triggered by a monstrous authority of a dogmatic church and government that allowed them neither to live in freedom nor in dignity. And this all was very physical and visible! Not like today, when the control is much more subtle. We could argue which is worse, but we can discuss it for ever without coming to a result. Control is control ~ not matter on what level!

This historical background is in all of us and there are still programs running that sabotage our ability to love. Saturn/Venus/Node conjunction in Libra are now calling for a balance and the 1½ square to the moon shows what we have to clear.

The 135˚One-and-a-half Square is a “karmic mistake aspect”, which shows us the karmic mistakes and failures. Since we have not finished our lessons (otherwise we would not be here!!) we have to understand our old mistakes (miss to take) which means, we are confronted again with the lessons and skills we have not completed and understood in the past.

If we want to conclude our life journey and balance our karma, we have to comprehend that the only way of learning is to have the courage to make mistakes! If we understand this, all the old phobias can be healed.

We also have to comprehend, that we never can solve a problem on the level it occurs. We have to get some distance in one or another way to find the solution. Often, if we leave it for a while, then suddenly we have an idea how to solve it. This means, that in the past, we also lived in a fear based lower consciousness level and therefore experienced the lessons of that stage of our evolution. But now we have moved on and the topics we are confronted with are also from a different level.

Like in school, the lessons of the first grade is different than for the 5th, 9th, etc. grade. For a 5th grader the lesson of a 1st grader is very easy. If we understand this, we can also see our evolution in this way and let go of the old fears. We would never fear a test that we had in the first grade if we would have it presented in 5th grade again. Once we totally understand it, our fear can subside and we might also understand that when we incarnated, we did not chose a program that we knew that we would fail, in the contrary, we chose a life lesson that we knew we can do it!

The Full Moon axis from Pisces into Virgo is the connected with an ending of a journey, with the preparation for a new round. On what ever level that will be is our choice. E.g. if we want to move one grade higher or repeat the present grade, it is up to each individual.

Without any punishment!

Every day is a new opportunity, it’s a new whole cycle of a fresh morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night. What are we going to do with it? Let it die in the routine???? Use the chance for a new adventure?

Like in the movie, it is the same in real life, there are some who take a chance and break the routine and through insights and inspiration, they change life. Can we change? That is the big question here. What I can see here, in the solution of the tension/karmic aspects are the two green sextile from the triple conjunction to Pluto and Chiron with a trine aspect back. This is the gift. The divine gift of moving from being human to being divine. Chiron offers healing and is the bridge to cross!


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One comment on “Full Moon: Sep. 19th, 2013

  1. like the part about taking a risk and changing our path – have just booked to do a retreat at mt Shasta first and then Sedona – away for 5 weeks – costing me a fortune but am so driven to do this that spending the money has become a necessary option if I am to reach up to be the I AM that I AM – thanks for the confirmation….

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