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The Second Star chart: August 26th 2013




The second Star Chart is like a reinforcement of the first and as you can see, the oppositions are much more clear in this chart.

Mercury is now it close conjunction with the sun in Leo and the opposite Neptune is helping us to find out who we are beyond the ego if we are ready to let go of the masks and roles we play.

The person we probably find underneath all the games, is very fragile and ancient. It is confirmed by the Saturn – Moon opposition, that we rediscover a part that has been hidden all the time.

We find these two planets in conjunction with the nodes, Saturn with the north node, the moon with the south node. The north node, also called the Dragon’s head, is like a light house that can show us the direction how to move beyond our old entanglements and karma. It shows the way to go and reveals our destiny.

The south node, also called Dragons’ tail, is showing us what we have achieved in the past. This includes the positive and negative things, talents and short comings. In each lifetime, on our journey of evolution, the node axis shows us what we have to balance.

The south axis is the help, the experience that we can use to move on the the north node, which is calling us to let go of old attachments and risk a new way of life. Often in regression sessions people experience that life times follow a pattern of opposites: one life a king, the next a beggar, one life a nun, next life a concubine etc. Often our lives have been very one sided and now the call comes for a balance.

This time it is the call to balance our lives, to balance our soul and leave all the old roles behind so we can move on, not on the wheel of incarnations, but to step beyond the gate of the 3D illusion and step up into a new evolution process beyond what we have known from here.

The axis comes from Aries into Libra, the topic of the “beauty and the beast” is calling to integrate our shadows and understand, that all what we judge as “bad” is just an illusion and the negative pole to make it even possible that the positive pol is visible!

We can’t say that breathing in is good and breathing out is bad. This is the polarity that we live each moment of our lives. Once when our consciousness level rises, then we don’t need to judge anymore and we can live yin and yang in a harmonious way, integrating both sides without judging!

This gate, the star chart which forms a Merkaba, is the invitation and the gate to a new adventure. An adventure beyond judgement and the limited experience of a programmed mind!

Let go of all the attachments and discover the true soul that you are, the pilgrim, the warrior of light who is on a journey and does not need all the attachments and ballast of the modern world. We need to stay flexible and light to move. All believe systems are just ballast and with ever step we take, the world changes.

The only thing which is constant are the changes!

Our only problem in the world, the suffering, is the attachment to the possession, believes and  habits (programs). Once we un-learn all that what was brainwashed into our minds and realize that every thing what we need appears the moment we need it and walk as a warrior of light, then we live not only in total abundance, but also in total freedom and truly become co-creators of the world because what ever we do is inspired by the soul and not a program of the mind.

Step trough this gate and let go of all the things that don’t serve you! Understand again why you are here and the life is not suffering, attachment is!


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