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Full Moon: August 21st, 2013

**SkyView Astrology**

Full Moon, August 21, 2013:  Realities might totally shift

The full moon axis is not a usual one, since the general opposition of Leo is Aquarius, but we see that the moon is still on the last degree of Capricorn.

This shows that the left over’s from restrictions and dogma are not resolved yet and the ego might have a hard time to let go of certain habits and believes. This is reconfirmed with the Sun/Mercury conjunction that is also in opposite to Neptune and the cusp of a triangle with two 1 ½ squares connected to Uranus and Pluto.

This is not just “personal” work here that has to be done now. But it has to do with global projections and brainwash. No matter what society or religion, they are all about to control their members! All the three outer planets are retrograde (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) which indicates that now the big transformation of society has started.

We can say that their structures look like Swiss Emmentaler cheese full of holes. Little mouse is undermining our usual habitat! Nothing is stable anymore and all the plans for the future, which also include the total control of human beings, are now undermined because more people have used the possibilities to get information outside the mainstream media. Many things that have been hidden have become visible and its obvious, where they are leading. We can compare it to the holes in the cheese: they are like little doorways into different realities and possibilities.

Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius “pull” the energies up into a new break through dynamic. Chiron builds the cusp of the trine that is still remaining with Jupiter and Node/Saturn. This indicates a very strong urge for expansion and readiness to end old stories. Humanity craves for a balance!

A balance that allows them to live in peace not matter what gender, race etc. one belong to, they want to see that we are all human beings and therefore connected. A balance where they can live being themselves with their positive

and negative side. They want to throw away the masks of the roles they had, or were forced to play, to fit into a society they didn’t really like. But they had to pretend, because their survival was connected with this role.

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