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Star Chart: July 29th, 2013

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Star Chart, July 29, 2013

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This Chart is a very rare occasion and there are many exciting articles about it out there. What excites me most is that on the 24th there was a crop circle showing the constellation of the Star Chart.

The constellation, looking at London UK time, starts from roughly afternoon 2pm when the moon starts to form one triangle to complement the other one to the star formation and lasts until about 4pm the next morning. The strongest Trine is between 10pm to 1am. So the AC/DS Axis is shifting and I just use the time when here in the chart of the begin of the strong trine connected to the moon. This is a bit different time from the crop circle configuration.

But as you can see, the planets are all there , probably with the AC/DC somewhere. There where I put “DC?” is no planet, and in my chart, the AC is in conjunction with Chiron and if you look at the circle there, it’s nearly looking like a double dot, it is bigger then the others, indicating two dots merging. But I also saw a post where they have discovered another little planet that it could be.

We can see that the whole event is very important, if even there is a crop circle and maybe, closer to the date, there are more circles that give clues about the event.

Still, please consider that an event can only as powerful as we allow it to be. We can have the most sophisticated car, but if one can’t drive, there is no use for it! In the same way, each gate is an opportunity, but only if we step through it! Hence we have to see that this time quality offers an opportunity!

I want to emphasize again that the stars do NOT influence us but are showing us a certain time quality. Like any devise that can measure quality, it is not made to influence it but to show it! Each moment has its own vibration and we are influenced by it. But it’s not the stars who are responsible for the energy quality, they show it! But if people believe that the stars ARE the influence, then they manifest the interpretation of others. This is happening with believers in Western/Tropical astrology, which is a manipulated system and has nothing to do with the real star constellations and time quality! In this case, people are just manipulated beings and have no free will nor a chance to ever escape the mass manipulations!

“Astrology has been a planetary program controlling man.

The Holy Goddess will nullify it, so it no longer can.
Astrology must the individual’s self-empowerment restore

not dictate his actions as did before”

Quote from Almine

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