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Full Moon: June 23rd, 2013

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Full Moon, June 23, 2013

 Move from the linear thinking to a holistic world view

The full moon constellation shows the sun in conjunction with Jupiter in Gemini with the opposite Moon in Sagittarius. The sun is already in Gemini and Jupiter on the last degree of Taurus. This is an interesting conjunction, it shows the manifestation energy in a different aspect than at Dark Moon. We are better careful with what we think and wish, things might manifest so fast that it is hard to catch up with the mental fuel of Gemini!

I used to joke that we live in an “instant” decade and not only do we have instant coffee, tea and food, but we also experience “instant Karma” and what we want can materialize in an instant too! Our thoughts are like a boomerang that can hit us painfully, if we turn around and walk away. Many people don’t even realize what they are doing!

The moon in Sagittarius will transit Pluto on the 24th and confront us again with the topic how we interact with the Divine within. There is also an orange triangle with a half square to the North Node back with a 1 ½ square to the Sun/Jupiter conjunction and from the Node there is a quincunx to Mars.

So you see, there are some karmic issues to resolve (can be instant karma too!) and since the Node is in Libra, it’s once again all about the balance of karmic issues to be free to expand and create from a different perspective than the brainwashed ideas from the past few millennia’s.

There are also a nice trines involved with Saturn/Node in Libra (balancing) going to Neptune/Chiron the Healer in Aquarius and back to the Sun in Gemini. The topic here is all about the changing of the mind, the healing and break through into a higher understanding of why we are here.

We are all able to communicate with what I call my “Higher Self” which is that part of me, the much bigger part actually, that is not here incarnated in this body but constantly with me and if I want, I can communicate with this Me at any time. It is the past and the future Me, it is the angelic being and the spirit guide. On the highest level of existence of the I AM I have access to ALL that IS.

The question here is how far so you want to we go? How deep down the rabbit hole? How far beyond matter and a rigid believe system that keep us prisoners? Are you ready to break free and let all the old imaginary “securities” behind? In fact there is noting “secure” at all, every thing in our life is depending on our immediate creation through thoughts and emotions. That things are linear is a big illusion!

Well, it is possible to move beyond that what we thought was “secure” and the energies here are supporting such an effort, to expand our mental, emotional and material boundaries enable us to consciously travel to higher spheres where we can access all the aspects of Self.

To get there we have first to move beyond fear, this is shown in the red/orange triangle, this is the karmic part which is still deep in our memories implanted. To move beyond this dogmatic believe system we have to step forward with courage and believe that there is more to who we are. First the believe/doubt couple is the drive to move and experience. The experience will get you to “knowing” which is a step further. It is much more than having a life with a 8-5 job and a couple hours of hollow TV entertainment, some family life, sex and a third of our day’s hours to sleep. This will enable us to live life as a hero!

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