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Full Moon: May 25th, 2013

Full Moon, May 25, 2013

Confronting the rotting structures of our society


This Full Moon has a very interesting constellation with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio with a square to Neptune. This is not something I can interpret in a very “nice” way.

This energy was manifested here, on Thursday night before we had rain and suddenly a tremendous thunder shock wave that was palpable and so loud, that I nearly jumped out of bed. My dogs came running they were so afraid. The whole area seemed to shake and the  modem blue up and  the internet connection was gone, and is still not back… so let’s see when I can post the reading.

The full Moon has just passed and when I look at the chart I a not so much motivated to write about it. The energy is heavy in the moment and we might experience that some things that are not balanced yet, are jumping right into our face. Things that we thought we have already handled, but obviously there is a deeper layer to it.

We have to remember here the onion tactic: the pealing layer by layer and in a way we can also say that each year is the same, the same month, the same season (at least in the calendar) but each time its totally different.

Things in the outside seem to slow down with so much earth element and not much energy for things to kick off. But anger is there!

You might have noticed that recently I often make the chart for the GMT, and use London, since a lot of things are decided for the world from there. It is the “in between” East and West. I did it this time because the big demonstrations against Monsanto are happening in this time. Marcos just told me that he is off to London to be there.

The energy of the Sun and Mars in the 12th house can’t really reach out, and with the triangle to Neptune in Aquarius, there is some serious transformation going on behind the screen. Scorpio in 6th house shows that there is much more work to do. But on DC, it also meant that the outside world is crashing, the structures are coming down. They are eroded!

We can’t keep on holding on to the illusion!

The classical meaning of the Taurus/Scorpio opposition is always about discrimination what is really of value in our lives and better get rid of what we don’t need, then the cosmic energies have no reason to take them away from us. It might be a good time to clear the apartment/house and get rid of things we don’t need anymore. And if you feel that you are not in the right place anymore, please start to look for another place to move to!


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One comment on “Full Moon: May 25th, 2013

  1. This is true…I was forced to move into another step of feelings and perception during 23-30 May : i leave my old dear dog with mom in BKK (in the last minute). I hire a maid to do such a big cleaning with re-arrangement in the house, put new paint inside and outside the house in SKL. I think of moving back home in BKK. Last but not least, reconsile with my old enamies and plan a new strategy on work. These are transformation, which is not bout a place but perception…And i’m not thrilled of what will coming up in the future. I have Faith to Face.

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