Dark Moon: May 10th, 2013

SkyView Astrology: Dark Moon, May 10, 2013

Ready for big changes?


Now we find a very fiery constellation with Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury. Many things can blow up, right into our faces without forewarning or even the slightest “clouds” suddenly a storm might brake loose.

In these days over the Dark Moon there is a complete new acceleration of the energy we live with and time is changing to something that I can’t explain in the moment. The key is to live in the now, because if we are not centered we might “loose it”.

Since Mercury is joining Mars, there is not much time to think things over and we just have to use what we have. This is the time when the naked truth is showing people’s true face. In such a powerful constellation there is no hiding and the spontaneous actions and reactions are comparable to the fruit from the tree they grow on. Each of us is challenged to reveal who we really are and let the old games go. There is no way to keep up the old masks.

It might come to a very spontaneous new selection of friends and meeting of kindred spirits. We might be very surprised, that people we thought of as our friends, suddenly show a total different face and we have to realize that what we saw in them was what we wanted to see and not what was real. This is the sign that it is time to move on and be grateful for the lesson and good times we had together.

The Aries/Libra moon nodes also indicate that it’s time to balance on global scale and not just in private lives. We should not be surprised if a major scandal is coming through in the couple next weeks, triggered by this Dark Moon constellations, something maybe that could shake global consciousness. We can find a lot of information “underground” but we are never really sure if it’s true. What we know for sure is that the mainstream media are not telling us the truth and better dig deeper. But maybe now something breaks trough that is not just “underground” info.

Since there are 4 or the personal planets involve in this conjunction and only Venus stands a bit aside, already in Taurus, we can expect that the dark moon days are not very relaxed days and if possible postpone important meetings and wait until the moon has moved into Taurus, so things are more grounded. Venus and Jupiter there are supporting new beginnings and expansion, but on the three days of dark moon would be the perfect energy for sports to be able to release the energy. Don’t go into traffic, the roads might be a dangerous place to be.


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