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Full Moon: April 25th, 2013

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Full Moon, April 25, 2013

The light of the bringer of the dawn

The sun has moved into Aries and the days are more busy than ever, the time is just flying and today, when I was working at the computer I could not believe that they call me for lunch… it seems like 10:30 and not noon!

The Full Moon constellation is not an usual one involving the “opposite” signs, the Moon is still in Virgo, not in Libra, the opposite sign of Aries, as people are used to from the Western/Tropical astrology.

So we have a total different topic here and the break through energy is connected with the review and balancing of issues that are still on the “to do” list. It is absolutely fascinating and frustrating at the same time, how issues are not stopping to pop up right in front of us! Things that we might try to avoid or we thought they are already processed and completed. It seems that there is a whole new dimension to that topic when it resurfaces!

The moon in Virgo in conjunction with Saturn in Libra show that we are peeled like onions, layer by layer, to find the little things that are hiding in between the juicy layers.


The trine from the Moon/Saturn conjunction to Neptune/Chiron shows that we need to look at some “fruits”, or the seeds that remain, again to be healed and to look at if we want to plant these seeds again. It is a chance to break through into our True Self and chose the new garden that we want to plant. Aquarius holds the energy that sets us free, the key to the program of the matrix.

In the last couple days I have found some very interesting YouTube videos and they all are about topics I’ve been digging in before, but this time it seems that there is a new layer revealed,  something we have to look at again to make new discoveries. A lot of people are now talking about how the human race was genetically engineered and this topic is not a taboo anymore like a few years ago. In the light of the new technology and Quantum Physics, it all looks completely different and I wonder what the genetic engineering, that is done to our food in the moment, is targeted at! For sure those who do it, they have an agenda!

But, is it really dangerous if we are conscious? Can we influence it and if all is in fact just an illusion, is it just our believe that makes us vulnerable? Can we eat every thing without problems as long as the belief system is not sabotaging our health? Is it the believe that creates the symptoms?


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