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Full Moon: March 27th, 2013

**SkyView Astrology**  Full Moon, March 27, 2013

Be aware of deceptions!


Probably every body will agree with me when I say that the last month was bringing us to limits and things went so fast that it was nearly impossible to keep track.

It seems that there is a general exhaustion and the call for a break. Chiron in conjunction with Mercury is telling us to take care of our nerve system and make sure we get enough sleep and also it is time to get some supplements to support the body. Especially in Europe, where it is still really cold the body needs to be a bit pampered.

Mercury retrograde was a difficult time with lots of work and all kind of little and big disasters. Many have been sick and here too, we had a couple dramas with health issues. It also has to do with detox and, probably the topic of the year: letting go of old patterns and believes and become authentic. I see many who are aware of many things going on, but still don’t change their behavior. Many know that the work that they are doing is not really the right thing anymore to do, but either they don’t have the courage to move beyond or they are simply too afraid to stand up for their truth. But this can’t last very long, they will be confronted from the outside if they are not confronting the issues themselves. Many issues might hit them in form of an dis-ease!

The Moon/Sun opposition from Virgo into Pisces is asking us to look what is accumulated “under the carpet”. Pull the cupboards from the wall and look what fell down all these years it was standing there and you might be surprised what you find. Maybe an old letter, photo or something you missed since long time and maybe accused already someone to have taken it.

Not only on the physical level, but also on an emotional and mental level, old stuff might surface, things from long time ago, maybe from childhood or even from another time. There is not much you need to do with it, just look at it and then it will go away. If there is a lot emotional charge, then look what the “hurt” was in that particular situation and then turn it around and see what was the lesson you needed to learn. Once you can understand what it was, in the context of the time it happened, then it’s done. For good!


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