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Full Moon: Jan.27, 2013

Full Moon, January 27th, 2013

The Awakening of the Divine Consciousness

The last two weeks have been an incredible ride. It seemed, that all the old ways of doing things were constantly overwritten with a new script. Things I organized in the “old” habit, didn’t work out at all and I had to look for other ways how to do them. It also is very obvious that my old habit, to do things myself, is not working anymore.

Visibly, the old structures are falling apart for those who are waking up. It feels like a restoration. Sometimes beautiful and valuable pictures or buildings have been buried under additions that were made later from people who either had no idea about the value of it, at times for political, religious or dogmatic reasons to hide something, or simply because of ignorance.

Now the people who restore it, start to take away layers and layers of debris and suddenly some of the original paint or form becomes visible. And more and more of the original beauty becomes obvious, including the idea behind it, the true meaning of it.

This is how life feels in the moment. The sun in Capricorn is tearing down all the old structures and the moon in Cancer is doing the soul search, the digging and diving into something nearly forgotten that was hidden for millennia’s.

I was confronted lately again and again with the immortality topic. Not just the immortality of the soul or reincarnation, but the biological immortality. The topic was triggered already some years ago with Quantum Physics and movies like “What the Bleep do we know” and similar information. Also in old scripts we find that there was a time when people were several hundred years old and it seems, that this was a totally different story then.

Often it was shown in fiction stories and movies that species from other planets, who are much more advanced, don’t know death as we do. Looking a bit closer into that topic, it seems that our brain functions are programmed and limited to survival mode. The whole philosophy of most people is to get out the most for themselves in a short life span and then it’s over.

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