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Full Moon: Dec. 28th, 2012

SkyView Astrology: Dec 28, 2012 Full Moon

A Subtle New Beginning


The Full Moon  opposition is connected with two squares with Uranus in Pisces. This represents the challenge to see what is happening, even if it is not yet obviously visible in the 3rd dimension.

The peak of the energy shift of Dec 21st is part of a long process that was intensified within the last 25 years. The best way to see it is probably if we observe the history of the computers. Before that, a computer filled a huge room and the discs to store data were huge until about 25 years ago, when the PC’s were created and they became smaller to use for smaller business and eventually for “normal” people to use. Still, a floppy disc in the 80/90’s had only a very small capacity to store compared, and we were working with KB (kilo bites) whereas today we are using GB (Giga bite) an TB (Tera bite)!

I bought my first computer when I was still in Switzerland in 1988, this is one year after the Harmonic Convergence (1987 ~ 25 years earlier), the year after the start of the intensification of the energies. This is the time, that the energy of the alignment of  this year started to influence our life’s stronger and things were speeding up visibly for all. The computer then was a huge investment then and actually was not totally justified, but I wanted my own astrology program! Of course, first I bought a whole business program to justify it then for my shop and therapy center.

At this time I had secretary who did all the computer work, I wasn’t ready to  do it myself then, it all seemed too difficult and complicated! But soon I had to learn myself because she left … so I started relatively early to work with computers and it totally makes sense now why this happened in this way when I look back at these 25 years! Just a year before the harmonic convergence, other significant changes happened in our family that were bringing profound changes in our lives!

Maybe if you look back what happened in these years in your life, you might have more insights too.

Today, the kids learn how to use a computer in kindergarten and for them it’s totally natural to play with these gadgets. Never in known history things changed so fast like in these last 25 years!

This speeding up energy with our techno-gadgets is easy to see and nobody can ignore this! Most of us could not even imagine life anymore without computers and mobile phones etc. so much have we changed too.

Now the question is what will happen within the next 25 years? We are at a point where the technology is going beyond 3D and from Quantum Physics we can learn, far beyond and metaphysical/spiritual teaching, that every thing is energy!

Now it is time to use this knowledge, no matter where it comes from in our lives, from the metaphysical or quantum physics side.

The fact is, that we influence matter and create our own life. We have the choice to give our power away to others and believe all the lies from the mass media, or start to feel and understand the truth within and co-create life the way we want it. We can again follow our true curriculum of life (which you can find e.g. in SkyView astrology) that we have chosen for this incarnation, instead of accepting that others tell us where to go, what to do and believe in false archetypes.

The Full Moon opposition is from Gemini to Sagittarius and the Sun is in conjunction with Pluto. Pluto is the archetype of the Creator and I might mention here again, that in fact we have 13 Zodiac signs and not 12. A solar year has 13 moon revolutions and the name “month” is coming form “moon” and originally meant moon cycle.

The symbol of Pluto, as below, shows the meaning in the correct manner.  We find the tree symbols used in Astrology in the two planets Mercury and Pluto. Mercury represents the way a human being functions (and therefore the sun can’t represent us in a chart!) and Pluto is the aspect of the “Virgin Goddess” the “seeded womb” of the creator or maybe better creatress energy. Maybe now the time has come that this will be revealed and the  Western Astrology de-masked as part of the false matrix.

Well, we can see the challenge here in this chart: the two squares connected to Uranus and the Full Moon opposition show, that it is not easy to look into the hidden agenda and dismantle the false information.

In this time of Uranus/Pisces so much has come to the surface, so much hidden agenda was revealed, including that the chakras are a reptoid implant for control! An interesting fact is, that this was discovered a few years earlier when Uranus was in Aquarius.

We also have a benevolent triangle of trines in this chart, which points out, that we are in a process of healing on all levels and our ‘human soul’ is now helped to communicate with higher realms. We have a great chance to step over the threshold of the old control issues and believes. Saturn, the guardian of the gate, is now in Libra and you might remember that I often pointed out, that we need to be balanced to move on! It is not about good and bad, it’s about balance!

This is very clearly demonstrated in the Egyptian mythology with the Goddess Maat (Justice/Libra) holding the scale and checking if the heart is “light as a feather”. This is the symbol of the total balance of yin and yang, the two sides positive and negative without the judgment of good and bad! If one is balanced, he or she is allowed to move on into “heaven”. If not balanced, the crocodile is “eating the dead” meaning that she or he is back on the wheel of reincarnation.

This is remarkable, how clearly this reptilian act is demonstrated and fits totally in my last discoveries about the reincarnation and the “recycling” of souls. The picture shows how the soul is trapped in the 4th dimension and has to come back to a physical life. Many teachings show this story and I think that in the far past we still knew about this “deal”!

(More to this topic in the Silver Dove Network in the post from Teri at:


Only member can access the network, if you are not a member you might consider to become one or I can send you for once this article from her, because it is very powerful information!)

There is also a Yod aspect that I would like to mention. Since Jupiter is still retrograde, we can see that the immediate effect of this alignment is not visible as a physical event.

More so, it looks like the planting of a seed a seed and cover it with the soil. The seed has to die first to become the new plant. This metaphor is in the quincunx connection to Pluto, highlighted by the Sun transit, and the half sextile connection to the moon. The seed is planted, but not in the 3D perception, but on the level of the soul and is about to activate part of the brain that was not active, expand our consciousness. It could be the activation of our “junk” DNA??

This process is the preparation to the major awaking, the stepping beyond the old matrix and is also connected with Saturn. He represents the guardian of the gate into the unknown, the threshold that each soul had to cross, not only when the body physically perishes, but many times in our lives, when we die without dying!

Happy New Year 2013! My wish for you and humanity is, that we reach the end of the tunnel to find the golden-white light, the Divine Source within and a lot of miracles, expansion of consciousness and activation of the DNA, so that you are able to take back the reign and create the life of your dreams.


Namaste, Katharina

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  1. I could not resist commenting. Well written!

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