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Dark Moon: Dec.13th, 2012

The final transformation according to the 9 Insights

SkyView Astrology: Dec 13, 2012 Dark Moon

The final transformation according to the 9 Insights

We are approaching the end of the year and the last Dark Moon conjunction in Scorpio shows a quintile aspect to Chiron and a return to the Sun/Moon with a half square and a half sextile. This is a very rare aspect combination and is a special healing gift.

The quintile is a 72° aspect which represents the form of a 5 pointed star or the pentagram. This is an aspect connected with creativity and innovation. In this case we can say that a channel is open between the healing power of Chiron and the Sun/Moon conjunction.

From Chiron there is another connection, to overcome a karmic shock (half square to Mars) connected with a male dominance in Sagittarius, which easily can be interpreted as the institutionalized male dominated (Mars) religion of the past (and in may places still today). From there is a half sextile reconnecting the Sun/Moon conjunction with this triangle to show that in this moment of time some very deep conflicts are transformed in a very creative way.

That creativity can be about becoming active part of our own healing and overcoming the old pattern by simply looking at them, accept that they have been part or our lives in the past and then release them by acknowledging the issue.

What you resist persists ~ what you look at disappears!

This is also supported by the trine between Chiron and Saturn, standing right at the cusp of Libra, reminding us that it’s all about balance. I just talked about this topic this morning in the Flower Healing Power Workshop, before I looked at this chart. It is all about balance and moving away from judgment! It’s about to see the beauty in every thing and focus on the Divine Spark within..

Venus is in conjunction with the North Node in Libra, also indicating that the key to our liberation is balance and love that is not connected to any outcome. Love is just love, similar as the sun is the sun and it’s in the nature of the sun to shine, and the sunrays are not discriminating, they are just shining. And if clouds are between the sun and the earth and the rays can’t reach the surface of the planet, they are not upset or disappointed, they still shine the same way, no matter what.

Therefore if we are finding true love, we love, no matter what is outside of us, our love energy is radiating and touching every thing that is around us for every one to feel and to see, highlighting things in radiant beauty.

The Sun/Moon conjunction is in the last part of Scorpio, where there is hidden the 13th sign, Ophiuchus. It is the confrontation with our immortality and I found a very interesting quote in the Internet when I did some research on that star constellation which makes now a lot of sense, especially after removal of the chakra system!

According to Roman era mythography,[14] the figure represents the healer Asclepius, who learned the secrets of keeping death at bay after observing one serpent bringing another healing herbs. To prevent the entire human race from becoming immortal under Asclepius’ care, Zeus killed him with a bolt of lightning, but later placed his image in the heavens to honor his good works.


It even makes sense to look at it from this perspective, the ruling Gods can’t let this happen because their ‘food’ is the energy that they steal from the human beings! Maybe we also have to learn to understand the whole story of the snake in a total different way!

More and more it becomes clear what has happened in the past to enslave humans and that this chance for transformation, that we have now, the long expected Winter Solstice which is within this moon cycle, based on this Dark Moon. Every new moon cycle starts at Dark Moon and this is like the birth chart of the next 28 days of the moon revolution. The full moon is the visible result of what was “planted” at the lover’s reunion, the yin/yang union of the sun and moon at Dark Moon.

The second trine from Uranus to Mercury also indicates that a new wave of inspiration out of the mists of Neptunian depths surfaces to trigger the transformation, the insights into deep hidden mysteries and secrets.

This all leads symbolically into a deep cave to explore something that has not been revealed for millennia’s and wants to surface now. Just now to set us free from the bonds of hidden and visible control and social/economical system that is totally alienated to true human nature.

We watched the first Matrix movie last night and it’s true that human beings are the only species here that destroy themselves like a virus destroys a body. The agent said that humanity is the cancer of the plan1et and we have to change that in waking up and understanding again what it really means to be human. But at the same time human beings have been enslaved by the matrix, living out the dream of oblivion in a prison they can’t see nor touch.

We are bound to a money system with rules and our whole lives we work for it, worthless paper and figures, to pay our bills and barely make a living. We live to work and not work for a living! What for???

Retrograde Jupiter is connected with Pluto, and for both planets this is the only connection. They are standing outside of the happening, watching and showing the opportunity of what we have to look at and what we have to let go. From the Jupiter perspective it is to look at our power, the true power we represent here on the planet, in the 3D  world, and stand up for it. To let go of judgment and misuse of power, not ‘power over’, but to empower! From the Pluto perspective comes the call to contemplate our creativity and ability to transform and evolve.

And there is another very good explanation on the topic Western Astrology VS SkyView Astrology on the same page that I want to copy here:

Ophiuchus is one of thirteen constellations that cross the ecliptic.[17] It has therefore been called the ’13th sign of the zodiac’. However, this confuses sign with constellation. The signs of the zodiac are a twelve-fold division of the ecliptic, so that each sign spans 30° of celestial longitude, approximately the distance the Sun travels in a month, and (in the Western tradition) are aligned with the seasons so that the March equinox falls on the boundary between Aries and Pisces. Constellations, on the other hand, are unequal in size and are based on the positions of the stars. The constellations of the zodiac have only a loose association with the signs of the zodiac, and do not in general coincide with them. In Western astrology the constellation of Aquarius, for example, largely corresponds to the sign of Pisces. Similarly, the constellation of Ophiuchus occupies most of the sign of Sagittarius. This is due to the fact that the time of year that the sun passes through a particular zodiac constellation’s position has slowly changed over the centuries from when the Greeks and Babylonians originally developed the Zodiac.[18][19] This phenomenon is due to the Earth’saxial precession.

I believe that this is part of the deception because I see more and more how the time quality is accurate and perfectly revealed in the real star constellations. More and more insights, including that the human representative in the Astro Chart is not the Sun (which is the consciousness) but Mercury who is showing the attributes of how a human being function!

To conclude this reading I want to add the 9 Insights from James Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy. Coincidentally J we just watched that movie with the group here… and it perfectly fits into the topic of this chart, the transformation that is going on.

The 9 Insights

1. We are discovering again that we life in a deeply mysterious world, full of sudden coincidences and synchronistic encounters that seem destined.

2. As more of us awaken to this mystery, we will create a completely new worldview – redefining the universe as energetic and sacred

3. We will discover that everything around us, all matter, consists of an stems from a divine energy that we are beginning to see and understand.

4. From this perspective, we can see that humans have always felt insecure and disconnected from this sacred source, and have tried to take energy by dominating each other. This struggle is responsible for all human conflict.

5. The only solution is to cultivate a personal reconnection with the divine, a mystical transformation that fills us with unlimited energy and love, extends our perception of beauty, and lifts us into a Higher Self awareness.

6. In this awareness, we can release our own pattern of controlling, and discover a specific truth, a mission, we are here to share that helps evolve humanity toward this new level of reality.

7. In pursuit of the mission, we can discover an inner intuition that shows us where to go and what to do, and if we make only positive interpretations, brings a flow of coincidences that opens the doors for our mission to unfold.

8. When enough of us enter this evolutionary flow, always giving energy to the Higher Self of every one we meet, we will built a new culture where our bodies evolve to ever higher levels of energy and perception.

9.  In this way, we participate in the long journey of evolution from the Big Bang to life’s ultimate goal: to energize our bodies, generation by generation, until we walk into a heaven we can finally see.




**SkyView Astrology (outer circle) works with the real star-constellations. Western/Tropical Astrology (inner circle) has nothing to do with the stars anymore and their 1˚ Aries is 28˚ apart from the true star constellations, the Vedic/Indian system is 6˚ degrees different. SkyView Astrology does not tell you who you are, but shows the blueprint/roadmap of one’s life and the time quality. It also is no fortune telling tool and can’t predict the future. The Western Astrology has nothing to do with the Stars, but is a method to show how the sun moves trough the season – which makes a certain sense in the northern hemisphere, but doesn’t make any sense bear and below the equator in the southern hemisphere – for more information go to www.silverdove.net

For your convenience I list the dates when the sun enters the signs:

Aries: 25°  April 18, Taurus: 36° – May 13, Gemini: 28° – June 21 Cancer: 20° –  July 20, Leo: 36° – Aug 10, Virgo: 44° – Sept 16,  Libra: 23°  Oct 30, ,  Scorpio: 25° – Nov 23,  Sagittarius: 33° – Dec 17, Capricorn: 28° – Jan 20,  Aquarius: 25° – Feb 16, Pisces: 37° – March 11

The dates of the transition of the sun are based on the guidelines of IAU (International Astronomical Union).**

Katharina Bless is Author of “SkyView Astrology – Applying the real Star Constellations to our Life’s Journey and Soul Evolution” and “Flower Healing Power” and has a sound meditation center in Chiang Rai, Thailand

www.silverdove.net    katharinabless@gmail.com


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