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Dark Moon: Nov. 13/14th, 2012

SkyView Astrology:

Dark Moon, November 13/14th, 2012

Make up your mind to leave the old world!

The moon has moved into Libra to meet the sun and it seems, with the Karmic triangle, that it is time to resolve very old stuff. We can only move on if we are rid of ballast and this means, that we have let go of our old habits, programs, no matter how much we are used the them and might even like them.

Actually I had this insight  when the moon entered Libra, just after the conjunction with Saturn that I did something that is totally crazy for the normal mind.

For this constellation that we have now, I have a story for you! You can see that Mercury is still retrograde coming out of Scorpio, back into Libra to give us the chance to balance things that have not been balanced yet for a short time, then to move back into Scorpio for the final transfiguration. Mercury is also in conjunction with the North Node which is giving that topic even more weight. What a great chance!

In addition the orange half- square to Pluto and the one-and-a-half square to Uranus shows the sudden changes and also the difficulty and resistance through the red square. But Mercury, representing the human “player” is forced to confront the old dogma! If we do it conscious or unconscious, will show in the time to come. If you resist, the energy will manifest in the body, if you look at the topic and take action, we will be freed from a very heavy burden and ready to move on.

I mentioned something in the 11:11 message when I talked about the article, that I also posted in the Silver Dove Network, which is about the secret behind the chakras.

As many years ago when I realized that something with the Western/Tropical astrology didn’t feel right and a couple years later I was confronted with the choice to let go of that system and move on to the real star constellations, it was a similar decision.

Deep inside I felt, already when I was confronted with the astrology topic then and the chakra topic now, that it is the right thing to do. I was actually confronted with it a couple times before but brushed it away since I would have to change so many things in my life, rewrite some chapters in my books, change CD’s etc. that it was just easier to stick with the old view.

Then I had a Skype talk with my friend Thomas, whom I asked to look into that a couple weeks ago and he said that he did some research and gave me the URL of this homepage. : “The secret behind the Chakras”


(You have to read that article, otherwise you can’t completely understand what I am saying here. I just give you a brief explanation here.)

The topic to confront is more than challenging! It is telling us, that our chakra system is an implant and we can be used and manipulated through it. Our original power source (*Soul Star*) within had been deactivated by being divided and compartmentalized into the inserted chakra system. Through the chakras we can be easily manipulated and controlled and, most important, we are seeking the Divine outside of ourselves, giving away power in worship to a God(dess) outside of us. Therefore we can be manipulated, controlled, used (also sexually), frightened and blackmailed very easy. If we loose the connection with the Divine Source within, we are prone to death and despair. That is the energy that those who control us feed of.

The whole misuse of sex can only happen with a system like the chakras. The “black magic” that uses sex rituals and blood is also base on the use of the chakras. I suddenly realize that the whole thing about sex-magic, the misuse in marriage from the church dogmas can only exist with this kind of chakra system and I can see this way of control very clear. Even while writing a lot more information and pictures are seeping into my brain that make me shudder! 

I have had many experiences with my chakras, including the rising of the kundalini energy and experienced the total bliss of it. I guess this was the main reason why I hesitated in the first moment. But if this rising of the kundalini energy can be so much bliss, then being one with the Soul-Star (as I call it) must be even more blissful.

I was always wondering why this happened to me 3 times and no matter what I did, I couldn’t trigger this experience again. Each time it happened totally unexpected. I just knew that the experience itself was important and showed me that there is the divine connection within. Even with this system, the Kundalili, the Goddess, was sleeping in MY base chakra. Therefore she must be part of me too!

Since I learned about the chakras, I always have known that the heart is the key to every thing, so in all my teaching and sound therapy, the heart was the main focus.

This picture is with me since 1886, it was not easy to get it because it is an original from J. Tronsberg who was already dead then. But I was introduced to his widow, who told me his story: she married him at the beginning of the 2nd world war, so he could come to Switzerland and survive the holocaust, he was Jewish. She was a young woman then working in the telephone central and had all kind of adventures and also through her work go involved in a rescue organization. When I saw that picture the first time, I saw myself meditating and my higher self standing behind me. It was a very powerful image and I sent her every month so much money as I could afford in the moment until the picture was paid. This picture is another key for me and it shows the Soul Star! This was one reason also to make my decision more easy.

After reading this article about the secret behind the chakras,  it just made total sense. The first information that I did receive was not totally convincing, or maybe I was not ready to really “hear” it.

So once again, I have a commitment in my life to risk every thing when I believe it something and to move beyond boundaries, where ever they present themselves. I knew that the only way to find out if it’s right is to do it.

So I did it and removed the chakra system the day before the Butterfly Retreat started. This retreat started on 11.11 and I was introducing that topic to the participant right way, kind of the 11:11 challenge. I printed out the article for them to read and we discussed that topic during the day. I told them that this meditation is just for those who really are convinced and want to do it and all of them agreed that it was the right thing to do for them too.

Hence in the evening of the 11.11 we made a special meditation with the crystal bowl sound and they did remove the chakras system too and I rechecked mine and had a little healing work to do, but my Soul-Star was shining bright.

For our protection we used the Ingmar Symbols from the Star Aldebaran and we all felt save and protected also through a certain way I put candles around and smudged the room with white sage. It was a good experience and, like in that picture, I can fell the Soul Star very good and discovered something else this morning in the Nada Yoga session:

There are two more energy vortices in my body, that are connected or part of the Soul Star. I haven’t figured it all out yet. There is at the “Hara” center or “Tantien”, around 2 fingers below the navel a much smaller ball of golden light with a bit of green sparks. I remembered that many years ago I learned from Dr. Ruediger Dahlke to heal with that “Inner Healer” as he called it (if I remember right) and it was that little sparkly green-golden ball that we could use for healing. It is a Yang energy. I saw this energy vortex very clear.

A little while later, I was searching my body for others, I found a very beautiful silver-blue shimmering vortex in the head, just below the top of the scull. This one was definitely female energy and the picture of the “Soma” Oracle card from the Dakini Oracle showed up to explain the energy of this vortex.

This card was a very important message to me since many years and the reason why my center is called Soma Center. It is about the elixir of immortality and the taste of Enlightenment and the lunar Wisdom of the female energy.

The Centers are connected with a 8 figure, in the center is the Soul Star and the two other centers are on the top and bottom connected with the infinity Symbol, which is represented in the number 8.

This was a very drastic modification and I will probably write about the process that is happening now. Also the others who did the removal of the chakra system will observe carefully and we stay in touch to compare notes.

Big changes are totally represented in this SkyView Chart and the square connection between Uranus and Pluto shows how big the challenge is for us to bring these two energies together. But they are connected in the way I did describe it with the infinity symbol as the opposite forces the yin and yang.

I know that these star energies are within us too, all of them.

If we can see ourselves as the microcosm inside of the macrocosm we can also see that every thing is within as well as without. The Divine is nothing that we have to search for, it is our natural state to be Divine Creators. Every thing else is a limitation of our birthright!

Neptune is also in a square aspect, this time to ret. Mercury and is representing the challenge to balance and heal (Chiron) ourselves ~ Our Selves!

Venus in Virgo is connected with another one-and-a-half square which is to Chiron to emphasize the healing topic: the healing of the heart through the letting go of the old believes that we are not good enough and not loved. Or only loved if we behave in a certain way, do certain things that please someone they call “God”. Otherwise this “God” is angry at us and punishes us, we are even being condemned to scorch in hell!

Mars just entered Sagittarius and bringing the “break through” energy for all, for us individually and the world shift that is happening in these month. Mars is connected with the green half sextile and sextile and will help us taking baby steps into a new world after we have made up our minds to leave the old world.

Jupiter is also retrograde in Taurus. So leave material projects resting for the moment, you just waste your energy if you try to start something new here. I can see that with our Soma Retreat Center project, in the moment we have to wait, we are designing the new houses and I made total new ground floors and my brother just sent me the pictures of the first two house types: the bungalow for our guests and the small house for the little house project. It is just perfect that way, I think that the preparations for the new start now are very powerful and can be done. So prepare yourself if you have a project, but the time to really start it will be ~ a couple month later.

This constellation is the retrograde Mercury (persona) that give us another chance to balance things before moving into Scorpio for good. The students just drew a mandala to picture their newly rediscovered Soul Star and the pictures are revealing how much has changes in their lives already within a day!



PS: if you want to do the chakra removal, you can ask me to send you the Ingmar symbols for protection.

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