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Dark Moon: Oct. 15th, 2012

SkyView Astrology:

Dark Moon, October 15th, 2012

Another Threshold ~ Another Door has opened!

The Sun/Moon conjunction in Virgo is connected with a half square with Mars in Scorpio and trine to retrograde Jupiter in Taurus. The third aspect is a quintile to Pluto in Sagittarius.

The first aspect to look at, the half square to Mars, tells us that a powerful transformation is activated and speeding up. Since the Fall equinox in September, we receive again a higher frequency energy boost. The time seems to go even faster and we are feeling like we are “loosing it” sometimes.

The transformation process we are undergoing is connected to the trine that comes from Uranus to Mars and it is an energy we can’t locate nor define. The retrograde Uranus in Pisces is doing some “plumbing” and “rewiring” in our systems and the DNA that is being activated might leave us in a chaos and in a state of not knowing what is going on.

The only way to cope with such energy is to try to stay in the Now as good as we can. I need to write down things otherwise I forget. The first time in my life I organized reminders on my phone, so I don’t forget. Tania is reminding me of many things and helping me to keep up with my schedule. I still mistype a lot! In the first little paragraph here I made 6 typos. But now it is flowing more easy.

There are moments that I suddenly feel a strong energy surge and then my brain goes into overdrive. Every thing seems to be like a fast river flowing by and my body has a hard time to keep up with the flood of ideas and things that are coming in.

Uranus is speeding up all processes that are going on and what ever you are busy with, is under that influence in the moment. If you are now consciously working on positive manifestation, the things you want will manifest fast. But also the fears that you project and negative things you expect will present themselves to you in the same speed.

It is important to understand that we live in different worlds and that we create our surrounding. Some people who constantly project fears are really experiencing these energies like dooms-day and negative prophecies happening and totally  live in this scenario. For them, this is reality because they create it. Others, who are focused on the new paradigm and ready to let go and move on, will also be able to manifest this and the positive outcome is already visible for many. We don’t have to wait until the end of the year.

If Uranus is involved in this way, things might not be so obvious, but we are fed the new energy either in a form of life enhancing and even rejuvenating energy if we are open to it or the electro-magnetic energy field. If we resist, the nervous system is starting to signal “overload” and creates physical symptoms.

The two squares from Uranus to Pluto and from Chiron/Neptune to Mars are connected with this trine from Uranus to Mars and they show the challenges quite clear.

Are we ready to integrate our male/female potential without constantly judging or playing macho games? Are we ready for the transformation to the “butterfly” and let go of the life as a caterpillar? How much are we willing to let go and move on even if we don’t know the outcome? Is it possible to trust an surrender to the Higher Self, the Divine within, and go without expectations?

Are we ready for healing or are we still using our symptoms to get attention?

Are we ready to look at the message of the symptoms and integrate the missing part to become whole ~ Holy?

Retrograde Jupiter is, beside the trine to the moon/sun conjunction, also connected with a square with Venus. Here we can see the tension, which makes it clear that the sacrifice of the old is not easy. How difficult is it to let go of habits and dogmas that “kept us safe” in the past? I often hear people saying that things were not “that bad” and at least familiar, but the new is always a risk. On the other hand we could look at it from a positive point of view and tax it as a new adventure. Each adventure is connected with a risk, each breath we take is too! To reach a sacred place we might have to go the “winding road” first!

Isn’t exactly this why we are here??? To experience the adventure of life and the risk that comes with it? We chose to be here because it promised to be a “wild ride” and not a boring trip.

For me it is so and I am on a pretty wild ride. I have experienced what the protection walls around us do and how fast they change into a prison’s wall if we don’t let go and tear them down. If we keep them up, the river of life can’t flow and the water becomes stagnant and foul. In other words, life becomes more and more just boring habits and the flow of life energy is decreasing.

The orange one-and-a-half square from retrograde Jupiter to Saturn represents the part of us that is afraid of any threshold. The memory of catastrophes in the past that we experienced and the fear connected with it is still active in our personal and the global memory. I talked about the “Catastrophobia” in several other readings and the closer we come to a date of a prophecy, the Catastrophobia might increase for those who are not conscious enough to see beyond this pattern.

This moon chart is a call to look at what was in the past, what we went through in all the last millennia’s and further back. We have the choice to either look at things, learn and integrate the lesson of the past and then let it go and move on. Or, we can keep on carrying on with the old habits and fear patterns and remain powerless. I can see the split, the shifting apart of the realities.

We all have a great chance now to activate our creative power to manifest something new and beautiful. It’s up us, it’s up to each person on the planet where they are heading and what they are experiencing.




On a personal note:

Since my homepage is at the new server, I can’t update the Blogs anymore with the moon readings. They are posted in my Silver Dove Network. The SDNetwork has a private setting again since some people are trying to use it to get to the members with all kind of ambiguous mails. I don’t want to deal with that any more and changed the settings and rules, so only members can see the network. If you want to read my moon readings on a regular base, it is best to become member of my private network, which also provides a lot of other very valuable information. If you like to join, please let me know. Yes, you have to sign up as a member and need to receive an invitation to be able to read the moon readings. If you don’t like it, you can delete your page/membership at any time.

One day I will create another Blog page, but in the moment I just don’t have the time for this. [but now it is done!]

**SkyView Astrology (outer circle) works with the real star-constellations. Western/Tropical Astrology (inner circle) has nothing to do with the stars anymore and their 1˚ Aries is 28˚ apart from the true star constellations, the Vedic/Indian system is 6˚ degrees different. SkyView Astrology does not tell you who you are, but shows the blueprint/roadmap of one’s life and the time quality. It also is no fortune telling tool and can’t predict the future. The Western Astrology has nothing to do with the Stars, but is a method to show how the sun moves trough the season – which makes a certain sense in the northern hemisphere, but doesn’t make any sense bear and below the equator in the southern hemisphere – for more information go to www.silverdove.net

For your convenience I list the dates when the sun enters the signs:

Aries: 25°  April 18, Taurus: 36° – May 13, Gemini: 28° – June 21 Cancer: 20° –  July 20, Leo: 36° – Aug 10, Virgo: 44° – Sept 16,  Libra: 23°  Oct 30, ,  Scorpio: 25° – Nov 23,  Sagittarius: 33° – Dec 17, Capricorn: 28° – Jan 20,  Aquarius: 25° – Feb 16, Pisces: 37° – March 11

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